We Live Here. We Build Here!

Oxnard – Over sixty carpenters, family and friends attended the recent St. John’s Regional Medical Center groundbreaking ceremony to demonstrate to hospital and town leadership that Gold Coast Carpenters depend on this hospital and should be the ones to build it.

SWRCC Local 150 Lead Representative, Mercy Urrea, explains why the public show of solidarity was so important. “We have had several signatory contractors working on this project for over a year only to discover that the general contractor is now soliciting work to an irresponsible subcontractor.  We showed up to the groundbreaking, in solidarity, to let the hospital know We Live Here, We Build Here! Many of our members use this facility, some of their babies were born here, and some of our member’s spouses work here. We need to be a part of this project.”

At the event, the Carpenter’s were recognized by the hospital’s CEO and president, Darren Lee. Mr. Lee acknowledged it was “nice to see a sea of orange in attendance, they are our community.”

Local 150 Lead Representative, Mercy Urrea (left), and Ventura County District 3 Supervisor Kelly Long (right)

Ventura County District 3 Supervisor Kelly Long, who also attended and participated in Local 150’s Skills Event last fall, as well as, Oxnard Police Supervisor, Scott Whitney attended the event and made sure to show support to our Local 150 members.

Also in attendance were Mary Fish, Chairwomen of St. John’s Community Board along with Oxnard Mayor, Tim Flynn.

The $25 million modernization and expansion project will transform the hospital’s emergency department, labor and delivery program, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), introduce advanced diagnostic imaging technology, and build new Neurosurgery and Cardiovascular Health Centers. Construction is expected to begin next month, February 2018, and will likely total 6,500 man-hours on all carpenter work.