We Fight to Secure Our Future

As Carpenters, we’re the economic driver of the entire country. Once the last door knob is installed on a job site, someone will be hired to work in the building that we just completed. The structures we build help create community wealth, and we risk our lives every day to do it. So when someone questions why we fight for better wages, jobs and benefits, we tell them it’s because the work we do builds wealth for others. We just want our fair share.

Securing the Future

The way we secure our livelihood is by creating a healthy industry, having competitive contractors, and making sure that the financial gains we’ve earned over time do not get erased with a swipe of a pen or undercut by criminal contractors. We fight because the future of our trade and families depend on it.

It’s Our Job

It is our responsibility to make sure that we remain active in our Union, in our communities and always practice good #CarpenterEconomics. Whether it’s by participating in a committee, doing precinct walks or voicing our concerns at city council meetings, participation in politics is crucial. Our voice matters and we need to make it count.