Aperture Del Mar Site Tour with Mayor Faulconer in San Diego

Tackling Mental Health Head On

Union Carpenters Help Businesses Following Recent Demonstrations

Delivering Carpenter Care Packages to Retirees in Utah

Delivering Carpenter Care Packages to Local 213 Retired Members

Delivering Carpenters Care Packages to Local 1607 Retired Members

Member Spotlight – 4th Period Apprentice Jenna Dorrough

28th Anniversary of the 1992 Southern California Drywall Movement

Delivering Carpenters Care Packages to Local 909 and Local 951 Retired Members

Importance of Voting During COVID-19

Behind the Scenes Look at the Regional Connector Transit Project in Los Angeles

Delivering Carpenters Care Packages to Retirees in New Mexico

SWRCC Local 661 Tying Flags for Memorial Day

Southwest Carpenters Safety Tip Tuesday

SWRCC Leadership Roundtable – Part 3

SWRCC Leadership Roundtable – Part 2

SWRCC Leadership Roundtable – Part 1

June is National Safety Month

Delivering Carpenters Care Packages to Retirees in Nevada

San Diego Mayor Faulconer COVID-19 Press Conference

Happy National Nurses Week From the Southwest Carpenters

Submit Your Questions for the SWRCC’s Roundtable Event

EST Langford and President Rodriguez at the Port of Long Beach

Pile Drivers at the Port of Long Beach

Keeping Members Safe at Loma Linda University Hospital

Safety is a Join Effort

Consejos de Prevención del COVID-19 – Presidente Pete Rodriguez

COVID-19 Safety Tips from President Pete Rodriguez

EST Langford Announces Extension of Health Benefits


ICRA Certified Union Carpenters Work to Keep Everyone at Medical Facilities Safe

Participation Has Its Benefits! Additional CUPP Stipend Announced For Eligible Members

Early Vacation Payout Option


Happy Anniversary to the Sisters in the Brotherhood!

Being a Carpenter Defines Me – Gladstone Rennie

Voting For The 1st Time – Union Carpenter Anthony Fagan

Being a Carpenter Defines Me – Brandgier Bradley

Bridging The Gap – Sisters In The Brotherhood Building History

African American Task Force – Mentors

Being a Union Carpenter Defines Me – Donnie Johnson

Southwest Carpenters’ African American Task Force Committee

It’s Our Job to Vote!

Voting for the 1st Time – Vice President Frank Hawk

From Union Carpenter to Union Signatory Contractor – Norberto Avalos, Millwork Pioneers

Voting as a Union Carpenter – Terrell Foxworth

Carpenters’ Combine Day at the Ontario Training Center

We Fight To Secure Our Future

Getting Involved in the Decision-Making Process is How We Fight

Carpenters Build the Dream at the Kingdom Day Parade In Los Angeles

Southwest Carpenters Remember the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Career Connections Host Estancia High School Seniors at Local 714

We Fight For Our #UnionFamily

“Robocop” Jeremy Romero Gets His Bathroom Remodeled by the Southwest Carpenter

New Mexico Union Carpenters Participated in the 2019 Twinkle Light Parade

Merry Christmas From the Southwest Carpenters

Southwest Carpenters Newsletter Sweepstakes Winner Announced

Let’s Make #BlackFriday a #UnionFriday

Happy Thanksgiving From the Southwest Carpenters

Carpenters Union Participation Program’s New Incentives For 2020

Carpenters Union Apprenticeship Program – Apprentice Experience

Carpenters Union Apprenticeship Program – Instructor Leo Padilla

We Salute Our Veterans

Southwest Carpenters Local 213 & 721’s Annual Halloween Trunk

Inland Empire Union Carpenters’ Annual Halloween Trunk or Treat

Being a Carpenter Defines Me – Union Carpenter Vera Salcedo

Southwest Carpenters Register to Vote

Mentoring Programs in the Southwest

Carpenters Impact Their Communities Through the Carpenters Union Participation Program

Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Intro Video

SWRCC Tournament of Champions 2019

Homeless to Hard Hats

African American Task Force & Southwest Carpenters’ Destination Crenshaw Skills Camp

Being A Carpenter Defines Me – President Pete Rodriguez

Being A Carpenter Defines Me – Vice President Frank Hawk

Being A Carpenter Defines Me – EST Dan Langford

Colorado Minimum Wage Order Public Hearing

September 2019

AZ Community Outreach

February, 2017

Utah Skills Event 2017

Colorado Skills Competition

February 15, 2017

No on S

Los Angeles, CA

2017 Arizona Skills Competition

February 4, 2017

2017 San Diego Skills Competition

San Diego

January 2017


January 2017

Bakersfield 9/11 WTC Memorial Volunteer Project

Gerald Desmond Bridge

Work We Do

Construction of the Buena Park Training Center