Utah Carpenters Showoff their Craft at their Annual Skills Event

Salt Lake City – Utah Carpenters closed out September with a tremendous Skills Event! The weekend afternoon showcased the Beehive State’s top carpenters as they went head-to-head to qualify for the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters’ Tournament of Champions (Olympics) in Ontario, CA early next year (2018).

Brother Luis Pacheco took home first place in the Drywall Drag Race. Cody Casaus won gold in the Concrete Drag Race. We look forward to seeing both in Ontario next year.

Special guest Salt Lake County Mayor, Ben McAdams, was impressed with the event’s turnout. Three hundred plus Carpenters and their families attended, making it one of the largest SWRCC Skills Events this year.

Mayor, Ben McAdams, participates in the Handsaw for Speed competition.

“My support for the Carpenters is about making sure that you can put food on the table and pay for the prosperity and livelihood of your families. And, it’s great to see them here.”

Drag Race Results: Concrete Drag Race Time Drywall Drag Race Time
1st – Cody Casaus 20:16:02 1st – Luis Pacheco 17:20:09
2nd – Marco Aguilar 23:25:21 2nd – Jesus Soto 18:46:12
3rd – Nate James 24:38:15 3rd – Placido Reyes 19:02:58


Congratulations Brothers!

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