Tucson Reopens Training Center with 1st Annual Skills Event


Tucson – Tuesday was a momentous day for Tucson area Carpenters. The area’s training center reopened its doors after nine years, marked by Local 1912’s first annual Carpenters Skills Event.

Fabian Sandez, president of local union 1912, knows the construction slowdown was especially impactful for the Tucson community. “This training center is a place of opportunity. We have targeted training programs for all kinds of people – ranging from young adults who don’t necessarily want to go to college, to veterans, to people who have been incarcerated and are ready to turn their lives around. After the recession in 2009, we couldn’t keep the training center open and the community lost us as a valuable resource. Today, we’re here celebrating because we’re proud to be back.”

News 4 Tucson, who reported on the event, noted how important the training center is for an area struggling with a shortage of qualified construction workers. One area foreman noted that the area’s industry needs new entrants. “I think it’s a great avenue for a young person that’s maybe not interested in going to college or school. This is a great career with great benefits and retirement down the road,” said foreman Jorge Luis Pereyda.

The special afternoon welcomed over 430 people for the festivities, where many local area SWRCC carpenters showcased their talent, productivity and work ethic for Tucson’s first Skills Event. Brother Sergio Cortez won the coveted Drywall Drag Race competition, sending him to the Tournament of Champions in Ontario, California later this year

“We have a bunch of jobs, Tucson is growing a lot and there is a lot of big opportunities for young people,” said Mr. Sandez.


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