Those Who Can, Volunteer

If you’re seeking to advance your career, look for volunteer opportunities in your field.  Skill-based volunteering is a great way to gain more experience and develop new skills. Plus, volunteering with others can help individuals become better leaders and communicators. As more organizations implement volunteer incentive programs, corporations are realizing the real benefits of having a workforce that’s engaged with the community. Organizations tout the billions of hours employees spend volunteering, and some have even made concerted efforts to engage in skills-based pro bono volunteerism initiatives.

With service learning, an organization’s volunteers get hands on training today, in order to become the organization leaders of tomorrow. Skills-based volunteering (SVB) opens the door to those seeking to use their personal and professional skills to serve others. For those who volunteer through their employer’s SBV program, volunteering also provides a refreshing, creative change from daily work that enhances the overall work experience. This January the Southwest Carpenters will be launching their own SBV program, Carpenters Union Participation Program (CUPP). With seven CUPP committees, the SWRCC will offer their members a variety of SBV opportunities, allowing members to practice leadership skills, culinary arts, event planning, and much more. If you’re interested in taking advantage of one our SBV opportunities make the pledge and sign up for one of our CUPP committees today!