Telemundo Denver Investigates: Colorado Carpenters stand-up against industry-wide payroll fraud

Denver – On Friday, Telemundo Denver reported on Denver’s underground economy.

Telemundo reports (below) that Colorado contractors and subcontractors all too often work with labor brokers to acquire construction labor at below-market rates. These labor brokers or ‘Coyotes’ can offer developers, contractors, and subcontractors much lower rates by paying their workers cash under-the-table. This practice, a common form of payroll fraud all too familiar to Carpenters, deprives the economy of taxes and often results in other labor law violations such failure to pay overtime and sick pay.

Colorado Carpenters are asking Governor Hickenlooper and Denver city officials to fix the systematic payroll fraud that exists in the Colorado construction industry.

The Telemundo report highlights the subcontractor United Builders Service (UBS) for their blatant use of labor brokers to complete work at the Colorado Mills mall. The mall was shuttered following damage from a spring hail storm.

Telemundo says they will continue to follow the story as they too are in communication with the Colorado Department of Labor.

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Source: Telemundo Denver. October 7, 2017. ‘Trabajadores de construcción dicen que fueron estafados: Piden que el gobernador interceda por ellos, pues son más de 500 los constructores a los que les deben dinero.’ Accessed here.