We Fight to Secure Our Future

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We Fight to Secure Our Future As Carpenters, we're the economic driver of the entire country. Once the last door knob is installed on a job site, someone will be hired to work in the building that we just completed. The structures we build help create community wealth, and we risk our lives every day to do it. [...]

Getting in the Fight

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Getting In The Fight Getting in the Fight2020 is a big year for Southwest Carpenters and we're fighting every day for issues that directly impact our trade, our families, and our communities. When we attend city council meetings, we make it a point to make our presence known. Being a part of the decision-making [...]

We Fight For Our Union Family

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We Fight For Our Union Family We've always believed everyone deserves a shot at a middle-class lifestyle. Everyone should be able to provide for their family. Everyone should be able to retire in dignity. Being a union carpenter is one of the few chances many families have in order to reach that goal. [...]