Southwest Carpenters Applaud Polis for Signing HB19-1267

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Southwest Carpenters Applaud Governor Polis for Signing HB19-1267 into Law FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 16th, 2019 Contact: Heather Rutman 213.615.9211 DENVER, CO – With strong bi-partisan support, Governor Polis signed HB19-1267 into law this morning. The Human Right to Work With Dignity Act, carried by Representatives Jonathan Singer and Meg Froelich and Senators [...]

Who Doesn’t Love Bacon?

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Who Doesn't Love Bacon? It can be difficult to find issues that Democrats and Republicans can come to the table and agree on, but according to recent surveys, Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage laws make for great dinner conversation. Most voters, roughly 77%, support prevailing wages on public infrastructure projects while just 23% would [...]

Million Dollar Settlement for Prevailing Wage Violations

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Press Release: California Department of Industrial Relations                                                                                                [...]

Let’s Stop Tax Fraud

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Let's Stop Tax Fraud Recently, a growing number of construction contractors have been caught engaging in tax fraud and worker misclassification. What was once thought to be a case of a few bad apples, has been revealed as an entire underground network of fraudulent contractors and seedy labor brokers, feeding off [...]

Carpenters Applaud Hickenlooper’s Executive Order

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                              Contact: Alexis Olbrei, 213.238.2355, June 6, 2018 CARPENTERS APPLAUD HICKENLOOPER’S EXECUTIVE ORDER [...]

Carpenters Call for Resignation of Industrial Commission of Arizona Chairman

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Carpenters Call for Resignation of Industrial Commission of Arizona Chairman Phoenix - Over 160 members of Carpenters from Local #1912 filled the auditorium at Thursday's Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA) meeting. The Carpenters were there to call for the resignation of ICA's Chairman, Dale Schultz. The Carpenters also called for the firing of the Director of [...]