South LA Shines at Carpenters Destination Crenshaw Skills Camp

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South LA Shines at the Carpenters’ Destination Crenshaw Skills Camp Los Angeles, CA –   On Saturday, over 70 South LA participants came out to test their skills at a pop-up Carpenter boot camp, where they learned what it takes to start a successful career in the construction industry, and had the chance to land [...]

Carpenters Make Great Strides in Tilt up Agreement

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Carpenters Make Great Strides in Tilt-up Agreement Last Saturday, membership sat down with Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters leadership at Local Union 909/951 to discuss the new tilt-up contract agreement. Persistence, hard work, and commitment to getting organized culminated in a win for tilt-up industry carpenters in the Inland Empire and beyond. Through organizing [...]

Why We Celebrate Labor Day

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Why We Celebrate on Labor Day It was 1882, just one year from organizing the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, when Peter J. McGuire first introduced the idea of celebrating Labor Day to the New York Central Labor Union. In McGuire's ideal mind, on Labor Day the average worker would arise to [...]

Sisolak and Carpenters Stand Together

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Sisolak Stands with Carpenters This weekend, Clark County Chairman and gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak gathered with members of organized labor force, to express his support for laborers, worker's rights, and a commitment to making Las Vegas and Nevada at large Union Strong. Sisolak who vowed to donate his governor's salary to [...]

Carpenters Show Solidarity through Pumpkin Carvings, Family and Monday Night Football

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Carpenters Show Solidarity through Pumpkin Carvings, Family and Monday Night Football The McDaniel's family pumpkin  Ontario – This time of the year Inland Empire Carpenters hold a weekly Monday Night Football event. Knowing that watching Philadelphia overcome Washington may not interest the whole family and with Halloween quickly approaching, organizers put on a pumpkin [...]