Carpenters Fighting Cash Coyotes

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Carpenters Fighting Cash Coyotes When Patrick Bieker joined the Southwest Carpenters, he spent most of his early career building schools all over southern California. “I’ve been on projects from Palmdale to downtown LA. Half my career was completing projects for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD),” said Bieker. In his first 12 years, Bieker [...]

Let’s Stop Tax Fraud

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Let's Stop Tax Fraud Recently, a growing number of construction contractors have been caught engaging in tax fraud and worker misclassification. What was once thought to be a case of a few bad apples, has been revealed as an entire underground network of fraudulent contractors and seedy labor brokers, feeding off [...]

Carpenters Applaud Hickenlooper’s Executive Order

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                              Contact: Alexis Olbrei, 213.238.2355, June 6, 2018 CARPENTERS APPLAUD HICKENLOOPER’S EXECUTIVE ORDER [...]