Carpentry Helps Lift SoCal Woman Out of Homelessness

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Carpentry Helps Lift SoCal Woman Out of Homelessness Brothers' Keeper program helped SoCal woman join union and lift herself out of Homelessness Click the photo for the full story.

Carpenters Union Welcomes Core Framing

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Southwest Carpenters Welcome Core Framing Today we welcomed Core Framing to the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters' team. Joe Fuchs, who signed the contractor to the Carpenters' union, said, "It feels good to have all these new guys in knowing that we are changing their lives! I can't wait to do some more of [...]

The Fight Against PAYROLL FRAUD

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The Fight Against Payroll Fraud Payroll fraud, considered the "dirty little secret" of the construction industry, drains tax revenues and hurts honest employers every year. The Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters (SWRCC) is working hard to make construction markets across our council more fair and honest by helping local officials hold unscrupulous employers accountable and [...]

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