Attention District 5 Los Angeles Carpenters

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LAUSD District 5 Special Election 2019 If you thought we were finished with important elections until 2020—you were wrong! There’s a vacancy on the Los Angeles Unified School District Board (LAUSD). At stake is control of a pivotal seat and the potential for billions of dollars in public works for the Southwest Carpenters. [...]

Carpenters Fighting Cash Coyotes

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Carpenters Fighting Cash Coyotes When Patrick Bieker joined the Southwest Carpenters, he spent most of his early career building schools all over southern California. “I’ve been on projects from Palmdale to downtown LA. Half my career was completing projects for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD),” said Bieker. In his first 12 years, Bieker [...]

Prevailing Wages: Good for Workers Good for the Community

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Prevailing Wages: Good for Workers Good for the Community In recent years prevailing wage policies also known as Davis-Bacon laws have been hotly debated by city councils, state legislatures, and the United States Congress. What’s often missing from these discussions is the voice of working people. The broader impact of prevailing wage on [...]

Who Doesn’t Love Bacon?

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Who Doesn't Love Bacon? It can be difficult to find issues that Democrats and Republicans can come to the table and agree on, but according to recent surveys, Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage laws make for great dinner conversation. Most voters, roughly 77%, support prevailing wages on public infrastructure projects while just 23% would [...]

Million Dollar Settlement for Prevailing Wage Violations

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Press Release: California Department of Industrial Relations                                                                                                [...]