Carpenters 2018 Midterm Arizona Endorsements

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Carpenters 2018 Midterm Arizona Endorsements The recommendations below were based on participation by carpenters at the local level. We believe our endorsements, especially in local races, are stronger if our local members are involved in the endorsement decision. Also, we have supported candidates regardless of their political party as long as the candidate supports [...]

Tucson Training Center Makes Front Page News

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Tucson Training Center Makes Sunday's Front Page News Tucson - Over the weekend Tucson's leading daily newspaper, the Arizona Daily Star, ran a front-page article showcasing the newly re-minted SWRCC Tucson Training Center. The Tucson Training Center closed after the 2009 recession, requiring Tucson area carpenters to attend classes in Phoenix. Now, SWRCC Local 1912 current and [...]

Phoenix community shows up big for area Skills Event

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Phoenix - The recent Phoenix skills event marks the beginning of the end of the local skills event challenges. Phoenix area carpenters went head-to-head to demonstrate to their community the dedication and craftsmanship of SWRCC carpenters and send two exceptional carpenters to Ontario for the Tournament of Champions later this year. The event [...]

Tucson Reopens Training Center with 1st Annual Skills Event

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Tucson Reopens Training Center with 1st Annual Skills Event   Tucson – Tuesday was a momentous day for Tucson area Carpenters. The area’s training center reopened its doors after nine years, marked by Local 1912’s first annual Carpenters Skills Event. Fabian Sandez, president of local union 1912, knows the construction slowdown was especially impactful [...]