Time Spent is Time Earned

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Time Spent is Time Earned Time Spent is Time Earned Time is money but unlike money, once time is spent it can’t be made back. There are countless books on how to manage our allotted 24 hours in a day but between traffic, meetings, and all of the other miscellaneous things people must [...]

Is Your CUPP Full?

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Is Your CUPP Full? In January 2019, SWRCC launched a sweeping, council-wide effort, the Carpenters Union Participation Program, aka CUPP. CUPP builds upon 2018's Local restructuring by geography and is aimed at bolstering volunteer work in members’ own communities. “We are 50,000 members strong,” Executive Secretary-Treasurer Dan Langford said. “Full participation [...]

Volunteering–It’s Good for Business!

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Volunteering–It's Good for Business! Whether it's spending a Saturday at the local soup kitchen, helping someone carry their bags, or donating money to a charitable cause, one thing is certain—doing good feels good. The overall benefits of volunteering are so great that many of the nation's most successful and forward thinking organizations have [...]

Carpenters 213 Committees & Dawson Take Action

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Local 213 PAC & Volunteer Committees Take Action! South Los Angeles resident, Peggy Scott, is a 70 year old grandmother and caretaker for her grandkids. Mrs. Scott is currently fighting cancer and this has left her unable to properly maintain her property. The city’s department of building and safety has fined Mrs. Scott over [...]