International Volunteer Day

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It's Up to Us According to the Corporation for National Community Service, 25.3% of Americans volunteer,  62.8 million volunteers across the nation. In 2015, they averaged 32.1 volunteer hours per person, per year, which comes to 7.9 billion hours of service. With a value of $24.14 per hour, in 2016 volunteers in America [...]

Got Skills

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Got Skills? We can see it plainly or read it in the newspapers. Cranes dot city skylines and all industry indicators point to a continued booming economy. In the construction industry, growth has been even more rapid, and contractors are struggling to fill positions at every level. The drastic shortage of [...]

Attitude Of Gratitude

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Attitude Of Gratitude Unions were born from the need to protect the common interest of workers both union and non-union alike. Organized labor has fought for better wages, reasonable hours, safer working conditions, and health benefits that provide aid to workers who are injured or retired. Those who have fought before us have [...]

Carpenters Have Got You COVERed

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Vets: The Carpenters Have Got You COVERed United we stand, divided we beg. One of the founding principles of this country is that diverse people, armed with the strength of unity, can accomplish more than even the most powerful individual. The freedom to join and demand a better future is [...]

Volunteering–It’s Good for Business!

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Volunteering–It's Good for Business! Whether it's spending a Saturday at the local soup kitchen, helping someone carry their bags, or donating money to a charitable cause, one thing is certain—doing good feels good. The overall benefits of volunteering are so great that many of the nation's most successful and forward thinking organizations have [...]

Mission Accomplished 2018 Midterms

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Mission Accomplished: 2018 Midterms Huge victories in the 2018 midterms! Our leadership would like to extend their gratitude to our incredible team. Thank you to all our members for your commitment during this year’s elections: canvassing, phone banking, and getting out the vote!


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CALIFORNIA VOTE! IT REALLY MATTERS…NO ON PROP 6…NO ON PROP 10 By Daniel M. Curtin, Director, California Conference of Carpenters   Exactly what does this country stand for? We are in the midst of a national debate about this country’s future. Regardless of where you stand in this debate, it is being played out [...]

Carpenters 213 Committees & Dawson Take Action

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Local 213 PAC & Volunteer Committees Take Action! South Los Angeles resident, Peggy Scott, is a 70 year old grandmother and caretaker for her grandkids. Mrs. Scott is currently fighting cancer and this has left her unable to properly maintain her property. The city’s department of building and safety has fined Mrs. Scott over [...]

Carpenters Skills Events Schedule

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Skills Events 2018 The 2018 fall Skills Events schedule has been set! Our members work year round to perfect their crafts and become the best at what they do. Don't miss an opportunity to see the Southwest's most talented and skilled craftsmen compete against each other and themselves as they test [...]

Thanks For A Great Labor Day

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Labor Day On Labor Day we take time to remember that we are more powerful together. Though our special day has passed, the strength of unity exists in our community all year. Together we are building strong and leading the way. Thank you to everyone across the Southwest who came out and celebrated with [...]