SWRCC New Mexico Endorsements

Dear Fellow Carpenter,

The June 5 election holds important decisions for all of us to make. Every day elected officials make decisions about construction projects that can mean good jobs for Union Carpenters. If the wrong candidates are elected, then it can mean fewer and even no jobs for Union Carpenters, or jobs that pay less than working at a fast food restaurant. June 5 is your chance to support those candidates who support you and your family.

The recommendations below were based on participation by carpenters at the local level. I believe our endorsements, especially in local races, are stronger if our local members are involved in the endorsement decision.

Most of the election contests on your ballot are on this page. In some cases, your local representatives decided they didn’t have enough information to recommend a candidate or ballot measure. In others, either none of the candidates were acceptable or we had friends running against each other. We also are still meeting with a few candidates. If any additional recommendations are made, we will inform you.

Finally, the recommendations include candidates from both political parties. Carpenters need to support candidates, regardless of party, who will fight for us. The best way we can thank those fighting for us is to vote for them. You can vote early by voting at your county clerk’s office until June 2. You can also request an absentee ballot from your county clerk’s office until June 1 and it must be returned to the clerk’s office no later than 7:00 pm on June 5 or vote in person on June 5 at your polling place. For further information on early voting and absentee voting, go to http://www.sos.state.nm.us/Voter_Information/ Absentee_and_Early_Voting.aspx. If you have any questions about these endorsements, call your local Carpenter facility or go to the Southwest Carpenters website at www.swcarpenters.org. If you need to find your polling place, go to https://voterportal.servis. sos.state.nm.us/WhereToVote.aspx.

Randy Thornhill
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters

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Michelle Lujan Grisham

Maggie Toulouse Oliver

Tim Eichenberg

Hector Balderas

Martin Heinrich

Ben Lujan

DISTRICT 5: Doreen W. Johnson
DISTRICT 6: Eliseo Lee Alcon
DISTRICT 9: Patricia Lundstrom
DISTRICT 10: G. Andres Romero

DISTRICT 11: Javier Martinez
DISTRICT 12: Patricio Ruiloba
DISTRICT 13: Patricia Roybal Caballero
DISTRICT 14: Miguel Garcia
DISTRICT 16: Antonio Maestas
DISTRICT 17: Deborah Armstrong
DISTRICT 18: Gail Chasey
DISTRICT 19: Sheryl Williams Stapleton
DISTRICT 21: Debra Marie Sarinana
DISTRICT 23: Daymon Ely
DISTRICT 24: Elizabeth Thomson
DISTRICT 25: Christine Trujillo
DISTRICT 26: Georgene Louis
DISTRICT 32: Candie Sweetser
DISTRICT 34: Bealquin Bill Gomez
DISTRICT 35: Angelica Rubio
DISTRICT 36: Nathan Small
DISTRICT 39: Rodolpho Martinez
DISTRICT 41: Debbie Rodella
DISTRICT 42: Roberto Jesse Gonzales
DISTRICT 45: Jim Trujillo
DISTRICT 46: Carl Trujillo

DISTRICT 47: Brain Egolf, Jr.
DISTRICT 48: Linda Trujillo
DISTRICT 50: Matthew McQueen
DISTRICT 52: Doreen Ybarra Gallegos
DISTRICT 63: George Dodge, Jr.
DISTRICT 65: Derrick Lente
DISTRICT 69: Harry Garcia
DISTRICT 70: Tomas Salazar

Bernalillo County
DISTRICT 1: Debbie O’Malley

Manuel Gonzalez III

Torrance County
DISTRICT 1: Jeremy Ryan Tremko

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