SWRCC Colorado Endorsements

Dear Fellow Carpenter,

The June 26 election holds important decisions for all of us to make. Every day elected officials make decisions about construction projects that can mean good jobs for Union Carpenters. If the wrong candidates are elected, then it can mean fewer and even no jobs for Union Carpenters, or jobs that pay less than working at a fast food restaurant. June 26 is your chance to support those candidates who support you and your family.

The recommendations below were based on participation by carpenters at the local level. I believe our endorsements, especially in local races, are stronger if our local members are involved in the endorsement decision.

Most of the election contests on your ballot are on this page. In some cases, your local representatives decided they didn’t have enough information to recommend a candidate or ballot measure. In others, either none of the candidates were acceptable or we had friends running against each other, therefore, no recommendations were made in those races and do not appear on this page.

Carpenters need to support candidates who will fight for us. The best way we can thank those fighting for us is to vote for them. You can register to vote in person by June 18. Early voting will be from June 18 through June 26. Voting by mail is until June 26 or you can vote in person on Election Day, June 26.

If you have any questions about these endorsements, call your local Carpenter facility or go to the Southwest Carpenters website at www.swcarpenters.org. If you need to find your polling place and additional information, go to http://www.justvotecolorado.org.

Randy Thornhill
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters

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Jared Polis

Dave Young

Phil Weiser

Lesley Smith

DISTRICT 1: Diana DeGette
DISTRICT 2: Joseph “Joe”
DISTRICT 7: Ed Perlmutter

DISTRICT 3: Leroy Garcia
DISTRICT 5: Kerry Donovan
DISTRICT 7: Chris Kennedy
DISTRICT 11: Pete Lee
DISTRICT 15: Rebecca Cranston
DISTRICT 16: Tammy Story
DISTRICT 20: Jessie Danielson
DISTRICT 22: Brittany Pettersen
DISTRICT 24: Faith Winter

DISTRICT 1: Susan Lontine
DISTRICT 2: Alec Garnett
DISTRICT 3: Jeff Bridges
DISTRICT 6: Chris Hansen
DISTRICT 7: James Rashad Coleman
DISTRICT 10: Edie Hooton
DISTRICT 11: Jonathan Singer
DISTRICT 13: KC Becker
DISTRICT 17: Thomas Exum Sr.

DISTRICT 23: Chris Kennedy
DISTRICT 24: Monica Duran
DISTRICT 26: Dylan Roberts
DISTRICT 29: Tracy Kraft-Tharp
DISTRICT 30: Dafna Michaelson Jenet
DISTRICT 32: Adrienne Benavidez
DISTRICT 33: Matt Gray
DISTRICT 36: Mike Weissman
DISTRICT 40: Janet Buckner
DISTRICT 41: Jovan Melton
DISTRICT 42: Dominique Jackson
DISTRICT 46: Daneya Esgar
DISTRICT 52: Joann Ginal
DISTRICT 53: Jeni Arndt
DISTRICT 59: Barbara Hall McLachlan
DISTRICT 62: Donald Valdez

Michael Dougherty

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