“Squire’s going signatory is a huge victory that we have fought for over a long period of time. I’m very happy with our results! Our Brotherhood has spent countless hours going after this company and now we can get our members to work there.  The  man hours it takes to build these panels and forms will go to our union and into our pension where it belongs. Putting our brothers and sisters to work there and showing this company and its customers our union standards and quality is a win-win situation all around. I’m sure over the years the contractors that have ordered materials from this company prior to signing have received poor quality and poor craftsmanship that have led to unnecessary rework or modification! Now they will see results! I know firsthand that carpenters out in the field don’t want to rebuild or modify a panel sent out to a job site especially built by a non-union carpenter, it is irritating, costly, and counterproductive. With that said… ANYTHING WORTH HAVING, IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR.”

Angel Esparza, Local 944

“Successfully signing Squire’s is a great example of our new leadership and our representatives. Hopefully this will open up an old market that was lost so long ago.”

Jeffrey Scott, Local 944

“Squire’s signing the dotted line is an awesome achievement that shows that the representatives are hard at work maintaining area standards. This will benefit union carpenters and the trust fund because of all of the otherwise lost man hours that are attributed to the use of non-union built forms and panels.  One member can’t do it alone. It takes unity to make necessary changes and protect what’s ours.”

Joseph Procario, Local 944
“Squires has been a family owned business since 1946. In 1998 they established their own mill and fabrication facility. Providing contractors prefabricated forms without having time lost on the job with carpenters having to build them. By signing squires it does not only bring more work for their company, but more work for our union. With the skill and quality that we bring to the table, we will produce a better product coming from Squires’ yard, to the job site.”
Sean Mann, Local 209

“I am glad to see that Union efforts paid off and got Squires to sign a contract. A big company like Squires gives more Carpenters opportunity for employment.”

Jason Green, Local 209

“I think signing Squire’s is a strong step forward in the effort to reclaim market share that was lost due to a lack of focus. Contrary to what people may think, the building and fabrication of forms and panels has and always will be union carpenter work, and the signing of Squire’s only solidifies this. It also greatly levels the playing field for our contractors and provides them the opportunity to competitively bid on projects. The increase in successfully landed bids and productivity that stems from this not only benefits our contractors, but also our members since there will be more union projects to man. This achievement is a great example of the need to secure what we have and not let it slip away from us due to complacency.”

Sean Hartranft, Southwest Regional Council Representative

“The road to success can be long and arduous, fraught with many challenges and sometimes overwhelming odds.  Many times the road can seem to wind on forever with no sign of a destination, which was often the case with regards to the Squires Lumber journey.  I am relieved to tell you that we are no longer contending for space on the road, the Southwest Carpenters and Squires Lumber are now riding together in the same car.

None of this would have been possible without the tireless efforts and perseverance of our Brothers and Sisters who stood steadfast in their solidarity.  To all of you who had a hand in leading the Southwest Carpenters to a collaborative victory, I thank you.”

Dan Langford, Southwest Regional Council President