June 7th, 2019

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SYLMAR, CA – Southwest Carpenters volunteered their time to the Reptacular Animals Ranch as part of the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters (SWRCC) Carpenters Union Participation Program (CUPP). In 2017, the 15-acre educational animal ranch and wedding venue was ravaged by the Creek Fire. In addition to their home, Cory Lagusker a retired Army pilot and his wife Jennifer a zoologist lost most of the structures on their property. All 500 of their animals were saved but many including, cows, zebras, peacocks, and variety of reptiles were left without shelter.

Last year, the SWRCC contacted the Laguskers to help a veteran in need of assistance and donate their skills to rebuilding this important community center. Carpenters poured over 30 yards of concrete foundation and built frames for the venue’s new structures. On Saturday they returned to finish the job and add the last details to the ranch’s Monitor Lizard Sanctuary.

“We couldn’t wait to come back to the ranch and help out after last year’s effort,” said Joe Fuchs SWRCC Special Representative. “It’s a point of pride for us when we get the opportunity to do a service for those who have served our country. Plus, it’s not often we get to work on a job and see camels running around,” he continued.

CUPP is a council-wide effort to make a difference in local communities. It’s a commitment to improving the neighborhoods where members live and work. So far in 2019 the Southwest Carpenters have donated tens of thousands of hours in man power, back into their communities.


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