Participate In CUPP


Participate In CUPP

CUPP is the Carpenters Union Participation Program, a council-wide volunteer effort to make a difference in our local communities.

Participating in volunteer activities is a way to ensure the future of our communities. Whether attending a city council meeting, building a ramp at a vet’s home, fixing a sidewalk for the elderly, or framing a house for Habitat for Humanity, we can leverage our amazing skills to make a difference in people’s lives.

Besides making the Union and our communities stronger, CUPP provides many benefits to members and our families.

Benefits of CUPP

Members who volunteer a minimum of six (6) hours between January 1st and June 30th will receive a $250 stipend. Members who volunteer a minimum of six (6) hours through July 1st and December 31st, will receive another $250 stipend, for a total stipend of $500 a year.

CUPP issues stipend checks of $250.00 every January and July to all members who accumulate a minimum of 6 hours during the previous 6-month period.  CUPP offers direct deposit for these checks.  The direct deposit of your CUPP stipend check is separate from direct deposit of your vacation check, and requires a separate form.  The fastest and easiest way to set up direct deposit of your CUPP stipend check is to enter your information directly on MemberXG . You can also download the direct deposit forms here – English and Spanish – and email the form, along with a copy of a canceled check, deposit slip, or direct deposit letter to web-vaca@carpenterssw.org   Please do NOT submit the direct deposit form to your local. Locals are not able to process this form.

Members who volunteer more than 12 hours a year are eligible for CUPP rewards. The CUPP Rewards catalogue is emailed directly to eligible participants once a year.  If you believe you are eligible but did not receive a catalogue, please contact your CUPP manager.

You can also see the CUPP Rewards 2021 catalogue Here.

Members who volunteer a total of 24 or more hours during the calendar year are eligible to apply for up to $500.00 from one of the Participation Has Its Benefits (PHIB) funds. The PHIB program has the following six funds available to qualified members:

  • Legal Assistance
  • On the Job Injury Assistance
  • U.S. Savings Bond Purchase
  • Member Medical Assistance
  • Boots/Tools Purchase
  • Tuition and Educational Assistance: click here for a list of approved Vocational, Trade, and Training Programs

Contact your local CUPP Manager or CUPP Coordinator with any questions.

Ready to get started? Click on your state to find your CUPP team.