Orange County Carpenters Show of Their Skills

Buena Park – On Saturday, December 2nd Orange County carpenters competed in their SWRCC Skills Event. Long Beach carpenters, family, friends, and supporters showed up in stupendous numbers – totaling over 1,500 people who joined in for the festivities and to cheer on the competitors. Special guest and good friend of the Carpenters Sunny Zia, a Long Beach Community College Trustee was also in attendance.

Alberto Castro Lugo (Local 803) won the gold in the Drag Race. He will compete in the Tournament of Champions in Ontario, California early next year. Carlos Medina from Local 2007 took home silver and Juan Soto from Local 2361 won bronze. Another big winner was brother James Cabral who won a Chevy Silverado in the raffle drawing.

During the event, leadership took a special moment to honor and thank those Orange County Carpenters who are also members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Administrative Assistance Pete Rodriguez, who has attended skills events across the Southwest, said this particular event is extra special for him, “I’ve been a member of the OC Carpenters Local 803 for 21 years! “I’ve never attended an event that had this many participants and family members alongside them cheering them on while they put their skills on display!  The level of talent that is walking through this training center today is 2nd to none! The best part about it was that our members were able to show their families what they do for a living and how they do it. It’s special to witness a Daddy swinging his hammer while his son cheers him on! “Go, Papa!”

Congratulations Orange County Carpenters!

SWRCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer Randy Thornhill speaks to attendees of the Orange County Skills Event.

Orange County Carpenters and proud members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Administrative Assistant Pete Rodriguez, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Rand Thornhill and Local 2361 Member and raffle winner James Cabral.