November 6, 2018 – D-Day for Carpenters 

by John Hanna, Political Director, Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters

As election day approaches, carpenters, like all Americans, are having to wade through some of the craziest and nastiest political campaigns that we have seen since — well, since the 2016 election. Most politicians cannot help themselves. They predict Heaven if they are elected and Hell if their opponent wins.

To help separate the sizzle from the steak, here are some of the top contests where carpenters can make the difference.


U.S. SENATE—Kyrsten Sinema. She always supports prevailing wage laws (Davis-Bacon). Her opponent has always voted to kill those laws.

U.S. HOUSE—Tom O’Halloran, Ann Kirkpatrick, Ruben Gallego, and Greg Stanton all support prevailing wage—their opponents oppose prevailing wage.

PHOENIX MAYOR—Kate Gallegos is the best choice for the U.S.A.’s 5th largest city.


NO ON 6!!! This attack on our jobs is the single most important item on the state’s ballot. It would repeal the law which makes our roads safer and already employs thousands of carpenters on roads and highways. No on 6!

LOCAL BONDS—Support bonds and measures that create jobs. Check your voter guide.

U.S. HOUSE—Friends of Carpenters on the ballot include David Valadao, Katie Hill, Pete Aguilar, Gil Cisneros, Harley Rouda, Mike Levin, Karen Bass, and Salud Carbajal.


GOVERNOR—Jared Polis has been a solid vote for Carpenter issues in the House and, as Governor, will crack down on payroll fraud. His opponent will fight unions.

ATTORNEY GENERAL—Phil Weiser will go after the labor brokers and payroll fraud artists in Colorado. His opponent will ignore these crimes.

LEGISLATURE—Team Carpenter is Jessie Danielson, Brittany Petterson, Tony Exum, Kerry Donovan, Tracy Kraft-Tharp, Dafna Jenet, Monica Duran, and Tammy Story.


GOVERNOR—Steve Sisolak helped bring the stadium to Las Vegas and will help us reverse prevailing wage cutbacks and end right-to-work-for-less.

U.S. SENATE—Jacki Rosen has been a solid vote for workers in the House and she will do the same in the Senate. Her opponent opposes prevailing wage.

ATTORNEY GENERAL—Aaron Ford will help drive payroll fraud out of Nevada.


GOVERNOR—Michelle Lujan Grisham has been a solid vote for prevailing wage and, as Governor, will crack down on payroll fraud. Her opponent is anti-union.

U.S. SENATE—Senator Martin Heinrich supports Carpenter issues like prevailing wage and apprenticeship. His opponent opposes prevailing wage and other laws helpful to workers.


U.S. HOUSE—Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams, who supports prevailing wage, is trying to unseat an incumbent with a 0% labor voting record.


U.S. SENATE—Pro-Carpenter Congressman Beto O’Rourke from El Paso is giving anti-union Ted Cruz a run for his money. Virginia Escobar will take Beto’s seat.

The decision to support these and other candidates, both Democratic and Republican, has come from rank and file and business agents who participated in the process. Decisions were not made on politics but on hard-core Carpenter economics: who will do the best job in supporting carpenters and their families.

It only works if Carpenters get out and vote. Don’t let people tell you your vote doesn’t count—an election in Virginia in 2017 ended in a tie and the two candidates drew lots to decide the winner. That contest decided which party controlled the Virginia House.

Don’t be the deadbeat who lets others decide our future. Reward our friends and punish our enemies. #HammerTheVote!