New Mexico Carpenters Stand-out at Buildings Trades Craft Job Fair, Sign up New Membership 

Albuquerque – New Mexico Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters (SWRCC) Business Representatives and volunteers made a big impact at the New Mexico Building Trades Craft Job Fair, signing up more than 75 prospective new union carpenters.

Your New Mexico brothers and sisters showcased the top-notch training union carpenters receive side-by-side the powerhouse union contractors in attendance ready to hire them – Fortis Construction Inc. and WPI. A highlight was the virtual reality welding simulator brought in from Las Vegas by SWRCC Millwright Instructor Doug Lockhart. It was just one example shown to prospective members of how much the SWRCC invests into ensuring our members are the best qualified for the job.

“We had people lined up to speak to our business representatives the entire day, from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm,” said Brian Tramko, Special Representative for the New Mexico Carpenters. “The opportunity to become a union carpenter or apprentice has never been better in the state of New Mexico,” Tremko stated. “And those who attended saw firsthand the opportunities the SWRCC offers to get a quality education at little to no cost.” Brian noted a couple young new carpenters had already signed-up for the apprenticeship program just days after the fair. And, all the prospective members they spoke to would be invited to a meet-and-greet at the union hall in the coming weeks.

In addition, fifteen other union construction trades groups were present at the fair. This provided New Mexico SWRCC representatives the opportunity to not only speak with prospective apprentices and members but also network with industry colleagues. “It’s always good to develop relationships,” said Tremko.

New Mexico is experiencing a construction boom that is welcoming the well-trained SWRCC carpenters. Construction just recently began on Project Antelope, the 8-year long development to build a massive data center in Los Lunas. Some of the project’s senior management were even at the job fair. “There is a lot of upcoming work in New Mexico,” Tremko says. New Mexico SWRCC business representatives have been working tirelessly to make sure that the boom means more jobs for our members and they are doing a fantastic job!

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