New incentives are coming to CUPP in 2020!

Our Members Make CUPP A Success

This inaugural year of the Carpenters Union Participation Program has been a success with over 12,000 of our members participating in events throughout our region. So far, we have distributed approximately 1,000,000 dollars in stipends to those who have participated in the first 6 months. New CUPP incentives have been added giving all Union Carpenters more reasons to fill their CUPP.

In addition to receiving a $250 stipend for a minimum of 6 hours per 6 months, now members who have at least 12 hours a year will be eligible to access new CUPP swag. CUPP swag will be divided into 16 tiers/buckets based on CUPP credits. The more hours a member has determines which tier he or she is able to select from. The CUPP swag catalog will be available soon and will include items such as CUPP t-shirts and Southwest Carpenters grills.

Participation Has Its Benefits is a new program the Southwest Carpenters is rolling out in 2020. Eligible members with at least 24 hours will have access to their choice of 500 dollars towards a Retiree Fund, Injury Fund, Legal Fund, or Scholarship Fund.

It’s Time To Fill Your CUPP For 2019

The deadline to collect CUPP credits for this year is December 30, 2019. To find CUPP opportunities near you, click here. This program is only as strong as its’ members so don’t miss out on your opportunity to get involved.

For more information about CUPP swag or Participation Has Its Benefits, please contact your CUPP Representative.