National Blood Donor Month

Blood donations typically drop off during and immediately after the winter holidays, which makes National Blood Donor Month in January a critical time. This January, the American Red Cross celebrates National Blood Donor Month and recognizes the lifesaving contribution of blood and platelet donors.

Busy schedules, holiday breaks from school, inclement weather and winter illnesses contribute to fewer blood and platelet donations.┬áThe Red Cross needs to collect more than 13,000 donations every day to keep the blood supply ready and available to meet the needs of about 2,600 hospitals, clinics and cancer centers across the country. Nevada Union Carpenters did their part in 2018 to help keep the flow going during the holiday season with their Save Lives Give Blood Drive. The goal for their drive was 45 units of blood, by the end of the day they able to collect 48 units. Through out 2018 Local 1977 was able to collect 84 units of life-saving blood. Considering each donation saves up to three lives, 1977’s contributions will positively impact the lives of 252 patients. In just 30-60 minutes you can save a life. Who knew it could be so easy to bleed for your union? If you’re interested in organizing a blood drive with your local for National Blood Donor Month join a CUPP committee and follow these steps from the American Red Cross to get started.