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Measure S is bad for carpenters and bad for Los Angeles! Protect your job, your family, and your city by voting NO!

  • Measure S is an attack on jobs. Measure S would stop most development in Los Angeles for a minimum of 2 years. 12,000 construction jobs per year would be lost under Measure S.
  • Measure S is an attack on housing. With less housing being built, rents and home prices will increase.
  • Measure S is an attack on the public. Measure S means a lot less money for public safety and parks (we’re talking about up to 1,000 fewer new police officers or firefighters in the streets).

The cost to carpenters, their families, and the city of Los Angeles is too high. Measure S must be stopped. On March 7th, vote NO.

Almost everyone agrees – NO on Measure S!

Measure S is publicly opposed by one of the largest and most diverse coalitions in Los Angeles history.  The coalition includes: democrats, republicans, labor unions, builders, politicians, tenant rights organizations, affordable housing advocates, and homeless service groups, among others. A comprehensive list can be found here:

For more information, visit these websites: