Local 409 Shows their Skills: Both in Carpentry and Bull Riding!

Whittier, CA – Last Saturday Carpenters from Local 409 competed in their Skills Event for the chance to move forward to the Tournament of Champions next spring.

There were 195 members, 79 significant others, and 52 children, totaling 326 present at the event. Everyone got to enjoy Scooter’s BBQ, pony rides, and face painting. But, that’s not all! The mechanical bull was certainly the most popular with those in attendance. It was reported that while your brothers competed, their children, spouses, and significant others repeatedly took turns attempting the, simulated, ‘most dangerous eight seconds in sports.’ It’s hard to say which, the skills challenges or the bull riding, attracted more spectators throughout the day.

Help us congratulate Brother Francis Enriquez who took home gold in the Concrete Drag Race. He’ll be joining the other Skills Event champions at the Tournament of Champions early next year. All the results are below.

Congratulations to all the winners, and bull riders!

Local 409 Skills Event Results:

Stud Layout Handsaw for Speed
Freddy Sandoval 00:49.6 Jimmy Luna 00:09.1
Irineo Castaneda 00:55.5 Francis Enriquez 00:12.2
Francis Enriquez 00:55.8 Irineo Castaneda 00:13.3
Nailing for Speed Concrete Drag Race
Francis Enriquez 00:09.7 Francis Enriquez 13:36.2
Irineo Castaneda 00:10.3 Freddy Sandoval 15:51.8
Freddy Sandoval 00:11.0 Samuel Sanchez 17:32.9
Material Transfer Strongest Carpenter
Glenn Enriquez 00:24.3 Errol Andrews 02:17.1
Samuel Sanchez 00:26.7 Irineo Castaneda 01:50.0
Hector Flores 00:27.2 Jimmy Luna 01:34.5
Laser Level
Francis Enriquez 00:29.5
Irineo Castaneda 00:31.4
Francisco Desiongco 00:31.4
Samuel Sanchez 00:31.4
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