Local 150 Skills Event Crowns Champions, Attracts Guests, Raffles Dodge Charger

Los Angeles – Gold Coast Carpenters, Local 150, hosted their annual skills event last night, Thursday, October 5. One-third of the Local’s active membership and their families, totally 515 people, attended. Events took place on the training center floor, while the kid’s games, photo booth, and bounce house were set up just outside. A barbeque was catered by Scooters and dessert came from Mr. Softy.

Brothers Richard Nava and Juan Quintero took home gold medals in the Concrete and Drywall Drag Races. The rest of the game’s winners are listed below.

Special guests included Santa Paula Police Chief Steven McLean and Ventura County Supervisor Kelly Long. Long participated in the Nailing for Speed event with a time of  0:31:69.

A 2013 Dodge Charger was raffled off at the end of the event. Mike Wetzel, SWRCC member for 40 years, won the vehicle.  Many fellow members agreed Wetzel deserved to win because of his long-standing dedication to the Local. Brother Anthony Ventura noted Brother Wetzel once participated in precinct walks for 18 weeks in a row.

Congratulation Brother Mike, and all the Local 150 Skills Event winners!

Local 150 Skills Event Results:

Game                                Time

Game                                Time  
Nailing for Speed Fastest Screw-Off
Austin Dillian                      0:14:15 Enrique Cuadra                 0:09:94
Augustin Ramirez              0:14:50 Zeferino Navarrete           0:10:46
Jesus Lua                             0:14:84 Cesar Magana                    0:13:28
Stud Layout Drywall Cutout
Eduardo Ramirez              0:49:25 Juan Vasquez                     1:04:84
Richard Nava                      0:49:93 Enrique Cuadra                 1:07:16
Ernan Rubio                        0:54:57 Zeferino Navarrete           1:07:38
Material Transfer Perry Setup
Eduardo Ramirez              0:24:81 Mario Castillo                     0:57:97
Rudolpho Don Juan         0:27:34 Jose Garcia                          1:00:63
Gabino Villarreal               0:27:37 Juan Vasquez                     1:05:72
Handsaw for Speed Strongest Carpenter
Jesus Pina                            0:12:50 Juan Martinez                    2:07:38
Jesus Lua                             0:12:84 Strongest Drywall Carpenter
Richard Nava                      0:13:16 Alejandro Montesino     2:03:59
Stud Standing  
Juan Quintero                    1:20:44
Mario Castillo                     1:24:41
Romeo Ruiz                        1:34:18