Let’s Stop Tax Fraud

Recently, a growing number of construction contractors have been caught engaging in tax fraud and worker misclassification. What was once thought to be a case of a few bad apples, has been revealed as an entire underground network of fraudulent contractors and seedy labor brokers, feeding off vulnerable workers and their communities. Contractors have misclassified their employees as independent contractors to avoid paying them fair wages and payroll taxes. It’s an intentional practice that cheats taxpayers, workers, law abiding contractors, and insurers. In some cases this underground economy nearly monopolized upstanding contractors out of the industry entirely. To combat this pandemic, The United Brotherhood of Carpenters has partnered with workers, trustworthy contractors, and vigilant legislative officials to help raise awareness. For more information on how construction tax fraud affects you, and latest news in the fight against worker misclassification visit stoptaxfraud.net and subscribe to the Stop Tax Fraud YouTube channel here. Together we can defend our communities from predatory contractors.