L.A. Mayor, Eric Garcetti, speaks to the SWRCC Carpenters

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (center) and SWRCC Political Director John Hanna (right)

Las Vegas – Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, was the special guest speaker last Saturday at the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters’ (SWRCC) delegates meeting. In an impassioned speech, Mayor Garcetti thanked the Carpenters for making 2017 a historic year.

The Mayor discussed the successes of the last year, highlighting the passage of Measure M. The Carpenters were early and big supporters of the ballot measure which will completely transform public transportation in Los Angeles. “You did that,” Garcetti expressed to the Carpenters in attendance, “you did that, YOU. DID. THAT.”

“Last year we broke records, not just at the ballot box but $8 billion worth of construction work in just the City of Los Angeles, take that to the county, to the region, we are on fire.”

He finished his address about how he is working with mayors across this country to take these successes nationally.

“We will deliver the future (…) and no matter what the future holds I am taking the Carpenters with me.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Carpenters Mark (M.T.) Thompson (right) and Angel Esparza (left)

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and SWRCC Carpenter Jacob Kleespies and wife Erica