Getting In The Fight

Getting in the Fight

2020 is a big year for Southwest Carpenters and we’re fighting every day for issues that directly impact our trade, our families, and our communities. When we attend city council meetings, we make it a point to make our presence known. Being a part of the decision-making process is crucial in fighting for our best interests. Our issues are carpenter issues and we must move forward with Carpenter Economics in mind.

Vote #CarpenterEconomics

This year, we’re taking our fight to the place where it matters most  – the polls. So when you vote, don’t vote Democrat or Republican. Vote for your job. Vote for your family. Vote Carpenter Economics.

Why We Fight 

The reason why we fight is simple – We fight for a carpenter’s right to make a decent living. We fight for our families. We fight for the Union Carpenter lifestyle. And we will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our members every day.