Miembro Destacada: Lucia Corvera

Miembro Lucia Covera, del Local 741, es una aprendiz de 2do periodo con deseos de ser una Foreman.

Lucia Corvera aprendió sobre la construcción en una clase que tomo en la secundaria a través de Career Connections. Siempre a sido motivada por el movimiento y interésada en la construcción. Para ella no fue una sorpresa cuando la construcción despertó su interés. Sin embardo, fue la Unión – y específicamente los beneficios que ofrece la Unión – la que sello el acuerdo para ella.

Lucia Corvera y Su Padre
Lucia Corvera y Su Padre
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Lucia’s construction class competed in a SkillsUSA Carpentry competition where they took first prize for building a shed. At the competition, she was scouted by Raymond Southern California Interiors for a job working at Disney’s California Adventure.  She’s been at that same job since she started her career in carpentry working in interior and exterior framing and drywall.

Lucia has been a member of Local 714 for just over a year and she is almost a 3rd Period Apprentice.  Her goal is to be a Foreman, and by her performance so far, she’s on the trajectory to doing just that.

“To all the women thinking about being a union carpenter, I advise them to go for it. It’s not only a man’s job it’s a women’s job too. I know 100% that women can do as much as men can do. I’m not saying it will be easy. You will work hard and get dirty, but it will be SO FUN!!!”