La Mesa de Liderazgo del SWRCC

El liderazgo del SWRCC habla cándidamente con los miembros.

The latest SWRCC Leadership Roundtable has launched.

In this series, our Leadership – Executive Secretary-Treasurer Dan Langford, President Pete Rodriguez, and Vice President Frank Hawk – discuss topics that are key critical to our members and to our Union.

In this episode, the Trifecta talks about wages and how earning a higher salary as a Union Carpenter leads to growing community wealth.

This Roundtable series is intended to give our members an insiders look at how the Union operates and insight to the issues that are important to our success.


Episodio 1: Salarios, Uniones y Infraestructura
Episodio 2: Sueldos y Asistencia Social
Episodio 3: La Lucha por mantener a la Unión esencial
Episodio 4: