2020 Endorsements

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This Election Day, we have the responsibility to stand up and be heard. As Union Carpenters, it’s up to us to make sure that our elected officials support Carpenter Economics and working families like ours.

Every day, politicians make decisions at the local, state, and federal level that impact carpenter jobs and benefits, whether it’s approving construction projects, investing in key infrastructure improvements, or supporting policies that crack down on unregulated labor practices. It is our job to make sure these politicians hear our voice loud and clear.

Our members have met with hundreds of candidates across our region. We are proud to support candidates who, regardless of political party, support Carpenter priorities. These priorities include investing in our infrastructure, supporting prevailing wages for workers, and protecting the benefits you have earned.

We need to support candidates who support Union Carpenters and our families. If you’re voting by mail, remember to send your ballot early. If you’re voting in person, show up early where the law allows and on Election Day bring these recommendations with you.

By voting, you’re standing up for your union, your family, and your country.

Below you will find our union’s endorsements on the candidates and measures that will appear on your ballot. Enter your entire voting address, including your zip code and we’ll show you a personalized list of our endorsed candidates and measures.

Abajo encontraras las recomendaciones de la unión sobre los candidatos y medidas que van aparecen en su boleta. Ingrese su dirección completa incluyendo su código postal y le mostraremos una lista personalizada de nuestros candidatos y medidas aprobadas en su distrito.

Remember, if you’ve moved, changed your name or never voted before you have to register to vote!

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