Dozens of Contractors Attend AGC Open House at Carpenters Training Center

SWRCC Training and Apprenticeship Director Louie Ontiveros speaks to apprentices on the Training Center floor during the AGC Open House.

Contractors touring the SWRCC Buena Park Training Center.

Buena Park – On Tuesday afternoon the Orange County Associated General Contractors (AGC) of California hosted an open house at the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters’ Buena Park Training Center. The open house provided an opportunity for 40 contractors to tour the training center, meet our apprentices, and get a sneak-peek of the new SWRCC ICRA training facilities.

The event, hosted by Mark Reynosa, Vice President of Industrial Relations with the AGC of California, showcased our SWRCC apprentices who were on display on the training floor getting hands-on experience in the interior systems, concrete form setting, tilt up and welding skills. Further, the apprentices joined the contractors for lunch, where they had an opportunity to meet and greet their potential employers as well as their reps.

“The (open house) was a tremendous opportunity for area contractors to see first hand how the Carpenters provide industry-leading training that continually advances, ensuring our (SWRCC) members are the most competitive carpenters in the ever-evolving industry. Our new ICRA training is a perfect example of how SWRCC carpenters stay ahead of the field,” stated Louie Ontiveros, the SWRCC Training and Apprenticeship Director.

In addition to Mr. Reynosa, Orange County Board of Supervisors Andrew Do, attended the open house and addressed those in attendance.

Administrative Assistant Pete Rodriguez explained that the AGC approached SWRCC about the possibility of having the event. “We made it happen,” he said, noting “there is no better way to show the value the Carpenters bring to the table than with our training.”

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