Dental Benefits: Reason #573 Being a Union Carpenter Rocks

When Chris Allen, Journeyman Carpenter with Local 619, went fishing one day a few years back, he expected a fun day, relaxing in the sun. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned.

Chris was rigging up his line with a weight, when the line unexpectedly swung back and the weight hit him directly on his two front teeth.

That development was bad enough, but Chris soon realized that without dental insurance, there would be no way to afford to get his damaged teeth fixed. He discovered the out-of-pocket cost was $9,258 for repair. “I had more important things to pay for for my family than fixing my teeth. Hands down, my family comes first, so I lived with the chipped teeth for quite a while,” Allen said.

When his dental benefits kicked in, Allen eventually paid about $1,300 and is very pleased with the results.

Unlike many of non-union carpenters, the Southwest Carpenters can rely on benefits to control the cost of healthcare, for themselves and their beneficiaries. Just another of many reasons why being a Union Carpenter rocks.

Learn more about the Union’s dental coverage.