Delegates Meeting May 4th, 2019

This weekend the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters (SWRCC) convened for our quarterly Delegates Meeting at the Ontario Training Center. The theme for EST Dan Langford’s report was “Politics Don’t Define Me”. With the 2020 elections fast approaching, Langford his encouraged delegates to remember political endorsements aren’t about parties, they’re a matter of carpenter economics. “I’ll sit with Nancy Pelosi. I’ll sit with Eric Garcetti, I’ll sit with any politician that is going to support carpenter economics, and make sure our members have more money in their pockets,” said Langford.

The Council is also proud to announce our organization is growing. On Saturday, Womens’ Auxiliaries 001, 007, and 417 were presented with their charters. Getting a chapter chartered is a great accomplishment, and all those who participated in the process should be proud. Now these ladies are ready to take on the next challenge. “We made history today! I’m thankful to all of the ladies and families involved that made this happen, and the continuous support from the SWRCC and affiliated Locals,” said Natalie Sanchez, Vice President of Women’s Auxiliary 007. “EST Langford delivered an assignment to the WA, and we say challenge accepted. We’re just getting started!” The goal for the new women’s auxiliaries is to reach half the membership of their affiliated locals.

New Mexico Carpenters Local 1319 took home the Carpenters CUPP, for their outstanding service to their communities through our volunteer participation program. Since the last delegates meeting, Local 1319 members have been hard at work logging hours. Nearly a third of the local’s members have registered with Galaxy Digital and logged hours for their CUPP bank. There is still time to log CUPP hours before June. Make sure to put something in your CUPP, contact your area CUPP managers to register for an account today, then visit hour CUPP Teams page to find an opportunity to show your community the “Union Difference”.