SWRCC Announces the COVID-19 Contractor Assistance Program

***Applications for February benefit hours are now being accepted. Applications must be finalized and received by March 5th. Please note that the reporting form has been updated***

The Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters understands the unprecedented strain that COVID-19 has brought to our communities, our members, and our signatory contractors. As such, we have continually shown our willingness to step up and help where we have seen need.

Recently, Cal/OSHA implemented regulations that will require contractors to pay COVID-19 exposed or positive employees, that are otherwise able and available to work, their full wages and benefits during any time that they are excluded from the workplace due to on-the-job exposure. This kind of protection has a benefit to our members, but we understand that our industry does not typically budget for sick leave of this nature, and that this could have a real impact on the success of construction projects. So, once again, we are willing to step up.

COVID-19 Contractor Assistance Program Agreement

Our hope is that this program will provide some relief and stability for contractors during the next two months while states move forward with their vaccine distribution plans.

To participate, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and attach your CCAP request form. You will be asked to sign a participation agreement, which contains the program’s overview, descriptions, guidelines, and commitment process.


A Contractor seeking assistance from the SWRCC related to COVID-19 leave owed under Cal/OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standards must submit an application by the 5th of the month following the month in which the benefit contributions were incurred (e.g. assistance with January benefit contributions should be applied for no later than February 5th).This coincides with your reporting month with the Carpenters’ Trust.

As a part of the application for the COVID-19 Contractor Assistance Program you will be required to submit a request form as well as a COVID-19 Contractor Assistance Program agreement, which you can view here.

Total Monthly Carpenter Hours

The total hours for all Carpenter employees working under a SWRCC agreement in Southern California during the current reporting month (this is not exclusive to employees that received leave).

Employee Name

Full legal name of Employee

Employee U-ID

Employee’s UBC ID, found on member ID card. If you do not have an employee’s U-ID, please contact the Contracts Department at contracts@swcarpenters.org.

Trust Agreement Code or Employee Classification          

The Applicable Trust Reporting Form on which you are currently reporting this employee’s non-sick leave hours:

1) Please copy and paste the title of the Trust reporting form into this cell.

2) If you are not able to copy and paste the Trust reporting form title, please input the employee’s normal classification (Carpenter, Drywall, Millwright, etc.)

Period or Training Level

The employee’s Period or Training Level (Journeyman, Apprentice, Craft Assistant, etc.)

Total Hours of COVID Leave Granted (All Months)

The Total Hours of COVID Related Sick Leave that you have granted to the employee for all months, not just the month you are seeking assistance for.

Total Hours of Assistance Sought (Current Month)

Hours you are seeking assistance for during the current reporting month (this amount must be equal to or less than the amount in the previous column)

  • The SWRCC will cover a maximum of 80 hours of benefits per employee.
  • The SWRCC will cover all benefits except for Health and Welfare at the rate that the employee would have otherwise received if not for their exclusion from work.
  • The SWRCC will make payment in accordance with the assistance amount directly to the Trust on behalf of any employer that has complied with the Terms and Conditions of the program.
  • The SWRCC will cover leave on up to 5 Carpenter employees or up to 10% of a Contractor’s total monthly contribution hours, whichever provides a higher level of assistance.
  • In the event of fraud or labor abuse, of any type, the SWRCC reserves the right to seek reimbursement and retains all legal remedies.
  • The SWRCC retains the right to extend or cancel the program at its sole discretion at any time.
  • All contractors receiving relief must be fully signatory to the SWRCC in good standing (no Single Project Agreements, Subscriber’s Agreements, or any other short-term agreements).
  • All contractors receiving relief must have a current status with the Trust.
  • The SWRCC will only provide assistance on benefits paid to members in good standing with the Union.
  • The SWRCC will cover a maximum of 80 hours of benefits per employee.
  • Employers will be required to report their hours to the Trust by the 15th of the month during which relief will be granted or assistance will be withdrawn.
  • Employers will be required to pay all benefit hours not covered by the assistance on or before the 25th of the month during which relief will be granted or assistance will be withdrawn.

If you have any issues with the form please feel free to download the Agreement as a PDF, fill in the information on page 7, sign it, and email it along with your filled in spreadsheet to covidrelief@swcarpenters.org or contracts@swcarpenters.org.