Leaders Wanted

The SWRCC is looking for leaders to step up and help our members contribute to our mission. By joining a committee, you make our Union stronger, benefiting our members, their families, and all of the communities where we operate.

Step 1: SHOW UP

By making this commitment, you are agreeing to attend and engage in monthly meetings. Committees will gather to define work plans, identify meaningful member actions, and recruit volunteers to help make Union committee visions a reality.


Committee leaders are engaged and active, participating in the planning and actions the committee takes. For example, a member of the Mentor Committee won’t just attend a monthly meeting, they’ll take on a mentee of their own, and help guide him/her thus, enhancing their skills. A Political Action Committee leader wouldn’t just remember to cast their own vote but might help organize their neighbors to get out and vote, too.


Not everyone is able to attend monthly Committee meetings or participate in actions, so we encourage Committee leads to invite members’ spouses and partners. In some cases, spouses may step up to participate in Committee actions on behalf of their spouses. This will help build a stronger Union and grow the size and effectiveness of our work.

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