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Committee FAQs

Vision 20/20 is about where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. It’s the blueprint for our future.  If we’re going to build a better future, we need to build it together.

We are asking all members to participate in a committee.

Have a question about the Committees? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions for answers.

What are the Committees?

Each Committee fills a need in our Union communities. SWRCC is looking for leaders to step up and help our members contribute to our mission. Review the types of Committees by clicking on these links: Mentor, Journeymen LeadershipSocial Media, Volunteer, Training, Education, Young Guns, Political Action and Worker.

Why should I join a Committee?

Our Union is stronger when we work together. Whether we’re working to get out the vote for a political candidate with a platform which benefits our members, building ramps for a Vet’s home, or showing young brother or sister carpenters the ropes, your participation in a Committee will give us a brighter future.

Can I join more than one Committee?

Absolutely. But you may find that you can better focus on one Committee starting out. For example, if you’re interested in the Mentor Committee, you would attend monthly meetings, and take on guiding a young apprentice carpenter. You may find that between those two important commitments, you’re contributing more than enough time to one Committee. If you find however, that you have the desire to step up even more, simply use the form to select more than one Committee role.

How do I sign up?

Click on committee sign-up form. On the form, you’ll submit your contact information and select the Committee(s) you’d like to join. A business agent or staff member will be in touch soon thereafter to discuss requirements of the Committee, the meeting schedule and any other relevant details.

When does my committee meet?

Contact your locals for their committee meeting schedule or view the schedule by selecting your local from the directory.

I’m having trouble with the form. Can you help?

Sure. Contact your business agent with the same information which would appear on the form: your first and last name, address, phone, Local #, UBC #, email, t-shirt size, and the Committee you want to join. We’ll take care of the form for you.