Collaborative Leadership

Building Jobsite Leaders

On most jobsites, both collaborative leadership and command-and-control leadership will likely be needed for success. However, due to the highly competitive nature of the industry developing leaders with the character and competencies to lead collaboratively will become an increasingly important priority. Encouraging problem solving from all levels allows the uncovering of solutions that may have never seen the light of day, and facilitates the growth of businesses that contribute to a sustainable world.

This three-day program is designed to give jobsite supervisors  the tools necessary to improve the overall jobsite taking it from good to great. Today’s leaders need an expanded repertoire of skills and a new mindset to succeed in the increasingly fast-paced, chaotic, and highly competitive industry. This calls for more collaborative-based leadership, and the creation of partnership culture – one that can harness the knowledge and expertise of all stakeholders.

The UBC’s goal is 70% market share, and this program will provide the necessary tools to maximize individual productivity to achieve this goal.

Who is Eligible?

The Collaborative Leadership Program is open to all supervisory personnel on the jobsite, including:

• Foreman
• General Foremen
• Safety Managers
• Project Managers
• Estimators
• Superintendents
• Owners, etc.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of this great program, complete this form.