Carpenters to Cowboys

Last Saturday, Local 1977 Union Carpenters rolled up their sleeves and traded their hard hats for cowboy hats, to help Horses 4 Heroes (H4H). H4H is a Las Vegas based non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youths, adults, and families, through wellness programs that emphasize fun and safe activities with horses. Sidney Knott founded H4H and started Operation Free Rides to assist military veterans recovering from PTSD and their families. Knott has introduced over 20,000 men, women, and children to horses and horseback including Wayne Boehme, a General Superintendent for Martin-Harris Construction (MHC), and carpenter out of Local 1977.

“I was on the project to build Sidney’s first ‘Mare Motel’ as she called it, five years ago. We were there when she was first getting started up. I got to see all the work she was doing with military veterans,” said Boehme. “I have a son who served three tours of duty, I can’t say I know what they go through, but I can identify with them because I’ve seen what he’s overcome.”

This year, the state sold Knott’s land, starting her search for a new home. Carpenters spent last Saturday breaking down structures and packing equipment to get the equestrian center ready for the transition.

“There were so many events going on last weekend, we didn’t get the turnout we expected but everyone who showed up was rearing to go. Big thanks to all the volunteers, they kicked-ass and got all the work done in the same amount of time, with about half the manpower,” said Boehme. “CUPP is great! I know we’ve got guys out here who really want to make a difference. They want to be able to give back, but they don’t always know how and CUPP makes it possible.”

The carpenters will be back at the Mare Motel, Saturday Jan. 26. Sign-up to fill your CUPP and be a part of the next Horses 4 Heroes opportunity.