Carpenters Show Solidarity through Pumpkin Carvings, Family and Monday Night Football

The McDaniel’s family pumpkin 

Ontario – This time of the year Inland Empire Carpenters hold a weekly Monday Night Football event. Knowing that watching Philadelphia overcome Washington may not interest the whole family and with Halloween quickly approaching, organizers put on a pumpkin carving contest during last week’s game. The holiday-themed addition to Monday Night Football brought in over 200 members and family. There were so many people that halfway through the evening more food had to be ordered and more pumpkins brought in.

Although they didn’t win first place, Foreman Leadership Program Training Committee Chairman, David Hoss McDaniel and his family carved a pumpkin in true Carpenter spirit, no pun intended. David thought the standard pumpkin carving designs that were provided weren’t making the cut. “I wanted to show union pride and solidarity,” David explained. So, he brainstormed with his family and came up with the idea to emblazon the oversized squash with the Southwest Carpenters’ ‘Arm and Hammer’ logo. David said his wife, Jennifer, drew the design in just a couple minutes, leaving dad and kids, Sarea and Jaydon, to carve it out.

David and his two children, Sarea and Jaydon.

Brother David, who recently attended the SWRCC Leadership Training in Palm Springs, was excited for the opportunity to involve his whole family in Union activities. The Carpenters have always known that our Union is stronger when we’re together with the whole family. “When our family is involved (with the Union) it helps them buy-in and better understand and support the work we do with our Union,” David said.

The McDaniel’s family pumpkin took home 3rd place this year but when speaking with David he was motivated to give his family’s one-of-a-kind pumpkin carving skills another shot at 1st place next year.

From David, his family, and all the Southwest Carpenters we wish you all a safe and happy Halloween.