Carpenters Make Great Strides in Tilt-up Agreement

Last Saturday, membership sat down with Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters leadership at Local Union 909/951 to discuss the new tilt-up contract agreement. Persistence, hard work, and commitment to getting organized culminated in a win for tilt-up industry carpenters in the Inland Empire and beyond.

Through organizing efforts in the spring of 2018 developers began to sign agreements with the Southwest Carpenters. The July 2018 contract extension that was agreed upon, was the first time that the Tilt-up rate increase matched the commercial rate increase. October 2018 Millie Severson, KPRS, and Fullmer signed agreements with the Southwest Carpenters increasing our market share of general contractors in the industry.

In February and March 2019 over 250 tilt-up industry carpenters were present for the industry meetings to discuss the path moving forward. Thank you to our contractors KPRS, Fullmer, & Millie Severson and congratulations to everyone who dedicated their time and talents to increasing our market share and ensuring our futures.