Carpenters Care Packages for Retired Members Over 65

There’s no doubt that most people have felt the impact of the current pandemic to some extent. To help alleviate many of our members’ concerns, the Southwest Carpenters have rolled out many programs including an early vacation payout date, extension of health benefits, additional CUPP stipend and $60 grocery store gift cards, to list a few. Thinking of all members, Southwest Carpenters knew something needed to be done for retired Carpenters that have helped paved the way.

The Carpenters Care Package was created to help our retired members by providing them with basic necessities and nonperishable items while reminding them that they are still important members of this lifelong Brotherhood. We hope this delivery will continue to keep our retired members safe by saving them a trip to the store. Care packages have already been delivered to retired New Mexico members and will continue to be delivered throughout the Southwest this week.