Carpenters & Clark Con. Awarded OSHA VPP

This summer Clark Construction Group was approved for participation in Cal/OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP-Construction). The VPP Construction recognition program symbolizes that Clark Construction is a leader in the construction industry for worker safety and health. Division officials affirmed that the attention to safety standards and performance of carpenters at the Long Beach Civic Center project, has remained effective at preventing and reducing the risk of serious injury or illness for all workers on site.

“This is tremendous accomplishment, thank you to the entire LBCC team for their efforts in achieving this,” said Rick Retiz, Senior Safety Manager for Clark Construction. Well done to all the carpenters at the LBCC project for continuing to set the bar for safety standards. It’s up to each team member to make sure everyone makes it home safe. The Southwest Carpenters are leading the way!

Some of the advantages of VPP are the following:

  • Exempt from routine compliance programmed inspections for 3 years
  • Improvement in employee morale and motivation to work safely
  • Improve labor/management relation
  • Higher product quality and work productivity
  • Community recognition and esteemed public image