Building The Dream

Members of the African American Task Force and the BOOTS Program participated in the 35th Annual Kingdom Day Parade held in Los Angeles. Our Union Carpenters, EST. Dan Langford and Vice President Pete Rodriguez, who were also in attendance, walked down the parade route in front of a crowd of 70 thousand people. This year’s theme of “Equality for All Humanity, Our Next Step” was proudly displayed on the Southwest Carpenters float.

When designing the float, the members decided to go with an over sized, classic wooden toolbox to represent the Southwest Carpenters. Their hard work payed off as it was well received by the audience and stood out from others on the parade route. The African American Task Force, BOOTS and the Southwest Carpenters are proud to stand in solidarity with the community and continue to contribute to making Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision a reality. Together we will continue building the dream.