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Carpenters Build Little Libraries

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Carpenters Build Little Libraries There’s no job too big or too small for union carpenters. Over the weekend, SWRCC partnered with the El Monte Coalition of Latino Professionals (EMCLP) to complete 25 Little Libraries for El Monte and South El Monte communities. Fellow EMCLP members Roz Keeler and Joe Vu started crafting Little Libraries as a tool [...]

International Volunteer Day

2018-12-06T01:17:14+00:00December 6th, 2018|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: , , , |

It's Up to Us According to the Corporation for National Community Service, 25.3% of Americans volunteer,  62.8 million volunteers across the nation. In 2015, they averaged 32.1 volunteer hours per person, per year, which comes to 7.9 billion hours of service. With a value of $24.14 per hour, in 2016 volunteers in America [...]

Carpenters Showoff Skills and Christmas Spirit

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Carpenters Showoff Skills and Christmas Spirit For the last few months, Local 1319's volunteer committees have been working hard to bring some Christmas magic to the Land of Enchantment. They got to see their hard work pay off last weekend at the annual Twinkle Light Parade in Nob Hill. "A lot of man [...]

Those Who Can, Volunteer

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Those Who Can, Volunteer If you’re seeking to advance your career, look for volunteer opportunities in your field.  Skill-based volunteering is a great way to gain more experience and develop new skills. Plus, volunteering with others can help individuals become better leaders and communicators. As more organizations implement volunteer incentive programs, [...]

Got Skills

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Got Skills? We can see it plainly or read it in the newspapers. Cranes dot city skylines and all industry indicators point to a continued booming economy. In the construction industry, growth has been even more rapid, and contractors are struggling to fill positions at every level. The drastic shortage of [...]


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¿TIENES DESTREZAS? Lo vemos claramente, sea con nuestros propios ojos o en los medios. Las grúas puntualizan los perfiles de las ciudades, y todos los indicadores de la industria señalan una economía que sigue en vertiginosa expansión. En la industria de la construcción, el crecimiento ha sido aún más rápido, y [...]

Time Spent is Time Earned

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Time Spent is Time Earned Time Spent is Time Earned Time is money but unlike money, once time is spent it can’t be made back. There are countless books on how to manage our allotted 24 hours in a day but between traffic, meetings, and all of the other miscellaneous things people must [...]


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LOS EE.UU. NECESITA UNA INVERSIÓN AUDAZ EN INFRAESTRUCTURA Desde que el American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) lanzó su reporte de calificaciones en el año 1988, la inversión de nuestro país en infraestructura e inversión han presentado una preocupante falta de progreso. Esta asociación sin fines de lucro se profundiza en [...]

Is Your CUPP Full

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Is Your CUPP Full? The SWRCC will launch a sweeping, council-wide effort in January, the Carpenters Union Participation Program, aka CUPP. CUPP builds upon recent Local restructuring by geography and is aimed at bolstering volunteer work in members’ own communities. “We are 50,000 members strong,” Executive Secretary-Treasurer Dan Langford said. “Full [...]


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TU CUPP ¿TIENE SU CUPO AL 100%? Este enero, SWCC lanzará un esfuerzo  amplísimo a nivel de todo el consejo, para animar la participación sindical, llamado el Carpenters Union Participation Program, o sea, el CUPP. El programa CUPP está construido sobre la reciente reestructuración de los Locales en base geográfica, y [...]