LAUSD District 5 Special Election 2019

If you thought we were finished with important elections until 2020—you were wrong! There’s a vacancy on the Los Angeles Unified School District Board (LAUSD). At stake is control of a pivotal seat and the potential for billions of dollars in public works for the Southwest Carpenters.

As a member of the LA Board of Public Works and longtime aide to Mayor Eric Garcetti, Heather Repenning helped secure jobs for the carpenters and made sure our communities were built safely, and efficiently. We stand with Repenning for District 5 because she believes communities should be built Union Strong! Here’s what you need to know about next month’s crucial elections.

Another Election Already—Why Now?

After former board member Ref Rodriguez’s sudden resignation, the Board of Education has decided to hold a special election to fill his seat. The election is March 5, 2019. If no one finishes with more than 50 percent of the vote — which is likely, given the high number of declared candidates — the city will hold a runoff election between the top two finishers on May 14, 2019. That means by the time the new board member is seated, he or she may have only a year-and-a-half to serve. We have an opportunity to secure our future. Don’t leave it to someone else, it’s up to us to get registered and vote! No matter what school district you live in, make sure you and everyone eligible you know is registered, and then help give our Union a voice and get out the vote!

Why should I care about this election?

LAUSD is governed by an elected school board and includes over 600,000 students. The school board has the responsibility of deciding who is awarded LAUSD public works contracts and ensuring over half a million students have safe learning spaces. With Repenning, we know our communities will be protected by someone who believes public works projects should be Union built. Vema Boyd an Interior Systems Specialist and Local 213 Political Action Committee member, was happy to have a chance to tell his neighbors about Repenning.

“Politics govern society, that includes our community but also our jobs and how we’re able to support our families,” said Boyd. “The carpenters endorse people who share the same beliefs as we do, people who believe in building our communities. Heather wants to help hard working people and that’s why we’re getting out there to support her,” Boyd continued. Over the decades the Southwest Carpenters have been trusted to build LAUSD. In return carpenters have helped to grow one of the largest school districts in the nation, generating billions of dollars in prevailing wage work for our communities. Help keep our partnership and our Union strong. Vote Repenning March 5th!